We’re proud and happy to announce that Jens Weitzel, managing partner at Yabusame Partners, joins our advisory board. We’ve gotten to know Jens as a mentor from StartX.com and know that we have deeply valued his insights and his vast array of experiences in building global SaaS B2B businesses. …

Depends where you are. If you’re in the US, you would most likely hear ‘Insurance-as-a-Service’, and if you’re standing in Europe, ‘Insurance-in-a-Box’ is more common. Some people call the beautiful game ‘soccer’ and others call it ‘football’. 😉

So what does Insurance-in-a-Box or Insurance-as-a-Service mean?

Typically insurers are providing their…

We’re proud to announce that out of a heated and contested pool, PolicyDock was selected as one of the top 10 start-ups to pitch and present at InsureNXT.com

So get your tickets and comes join us digitally from anywhere in the world on 21 and 22 April!

A little bit more about InsureNXT:

insureNXT|CGN a new, international conference and expo
that aims to connect & extand the insurance industry.
Together we want to create the path for the
next generation of insurance products and innovative

insureNXT|CGN is the place-to-be for all players in
the insurance industry and related ecosystems. It is
the next leading platform for traditional insurers,
brokers, startups, consultants and cross-industry
companies facing the digital transformation and
cultural change of the insurance industry.

We’re proud to announce that PolicyDock has been accepted into the prestigious StartX.com accelerator program, which is exclusively open only to Stanford University affiliated start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Having the good fortune of attending Stanford University, we’re fully aware of the profound impact Stanford has had on our lives and humbled…

We’re proud and happy to announce that Nicole Schepanek, managing partner at BCG, mainly focused in their insurance practice joins our advisory board. Nicole shares a deep passion along with us of bringing powerful and enabling technologies to the insurance industry, where she has done so successfully at her own…

Do you keep on hearing that ‘data is the new oil’, and every time you pick up a new insurance industry report the words that always keep sticking out is digital transformation.

Yet, when we spoke to one successful venture investor, he asked us ‘With so many digital solutions already…

We first met Tim during the YPO A+ Accelerator program, run by the largest and most exclusive CEO network in the world. Since then he’s generously given his time in helping and advising us in strategic advice, while sharing his valuable insights and experience of building a B2B Software-as-a-Service company…

Let’s face the fact, either your data is reaping you enormous ROI or it’s a burden within the organization. Let me explain.

When we speak to most data teams or actuaries in insurers, the very mention of ‘closing time’ (the time to prepare important numbers for financial reports), it makes…

We’re proud to announce that Bryan Falchuck, who has extensive experience in the insurance industry as a successful executive and as well as scaling an Insurtech start-up has joined our strategic board of advisors. We have already learnt a lot from him in our interactions and hope to learn more…

There’s an explosion of innovation happening in the world of insurance or insurtech, at every part of the value chain. I’ve personally been in Fintech for over 10 years and saw the rapid growth of innovation of Fintech in China — to me, it feels like Insurtech is where Fintech…

PolicyDock Technologies

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