Announcement: Jens Weitzel, Managing Partner at Yabusame Partners, joins our Advisory Board

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2 min readMay 3, 2021

We’re proud and happy to announce that Jens Weitzel, managing partner at Yabusame Partners, joins our advisory board. We’ve gotten to know Jens as a mentor from and know that we have deeply valued his insights and his vast array of experiences in building global SaaS B2B businesses. He has already added value to PolicyDock by introducing us to cutting edge technology partners that will overall enhance our own product offering.

His firm, Yabubsame Partners is an international boutique consulting & investment advisory firm, where they leverage deep technology experience and vertical expertise to assist emerging technology companies and established enterprises with successfully launching, growing and transforming their businesses. Yabusame Partners’ international presence allows us to provide cross-border services between major technology hubs.

More about Jens

Jens is an experienced enterprise software and technology executive who has held senior executive roles in strategy, sales and business development at global enterprises and Silicon Valley startups.

His professional experience in management consulting and technology companies spans several global regions (Europe, Asia, and N. America). Jens has worked in Silicon Valley for 20 years and is deeply connected in the local technology ecosystem.

Jens focuses on consulting with B2B businesses across a broad range of industries and technologies including:

• Enterprise Software / SaaS
• Automotive & Mobility
• Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) / Industry 4.0
• Supply Chain & Logistics
• Manufacturing
• Energy & Sustainability
• Financial Services

Jens enjoys mentoring startups at various Silicon Valley accelerators. He is an avid triathlete and likes taking his family on backcountry hikes through California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.



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