How to Build Digital Agility in the Age of Rapid Transformation

  • How do I keep up with all new technologies and rapid digital transformation?
  • Which technologies to bet on?
  • Which insurtech is going to provide the best value for our investment?
  • What are the true cost savings and return on investment of the new technology?
  • Will my career be on the line if I pick the wrong technology to work with?
  • How can I tap into new digital distribution channels and ecosystems?
  • Can this insurtech understand my business needs and easily integrate with our culture and current systems?
  1. Well-documented API’s (Application Programmable Interface) that any programmer can understand and integrate with using any programming language
  2. An easy-to-understand data standard format to allow and control the exchange of product and policy data (podcast detailing this problem)
  3. An environment that can be in Sandbox and then moved to a live production very fast while keeping an arms length to the core legacy system (just in case breeches happen)
  4. A modular open system where any part of the policy administration can be fully customized to fit workflows and desired customer journeys
  5. Be able to start these environments or microservices fast and for different product lines



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