PolicyDock accepted into StartX.com

We’re proud to announce that PolicyDock has been accepted into the prestigious StartX.com accelerator program, which is exclusively open only to Stanford University affiliated start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Having the good fortune of attending Stanford University, we’re fully aware of the profound impact Stanford has had on our lives and humbled to be accepted into the next batch of start-ups. We’re looking forward to being part of this prestigious network, be active contributors and one day, pay-it-forward to the next group of exciting entrepreneurs.

About StartX

StartX is a non-profit community of serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, tenured Stanford professors, and well-funded growth-stage startups. We believe that entrepreneurs can achieve more as a group, than we can as individuals. We help our companies hire elite talent, secure funding, and tap into one of the most powerful and innovative networks in the world: the Stanford University Alumni Network.

Supported by Stanford

The StartX experience as we know it was developed through $7M+ in grant funding from Stanford University & Stanford Health Care to support the Stanford entrepreneurship ecosystem. To date, Stanford University and Stanford Health Care have deployed a combined $200M to ensure the StartX community and StartX organization will be self-sufficient in perpetuity. StartX itself is an independent non-profit from Stanford University, to ensure that there is a clear separation of IP between any research at Stanford and the work your team is doing to bring impact to real patients and industry.

Platform-as-a-Service to Automate Insurance (www.policydock.com) | Plug & Play Insurtech Batch 9